The ozone clinic was established in 2017 in Port Elizabeth with a vision that continues to evolve as we strive to offer the highest quality of natural healthcare in the health and wellness space.

Our mission is to introduce ozone as an alternative or adjunctive treatment to those who seek longevity and wellness in their lives the natural way. We endeavour to help individuals live a healthier and longer life and to educate them on the importance of optimum oxygen levels in the blood stream to reach good health and immunity in the fight against disease and other common ailments.
Our vision , through passion and commitment, is to grow the Ozone Clinic’s presence and help individuals countrywide. We believe that living a life where natural health isn’t seen as “alternative” but rather – necessary, is the way one should live.
The core focus of the Ozone Clinic is preventative health. There has never been a greater time to invest in your health than today and at the Ozone Clinic we strive to keep you healthy and illness at bay.
Our therapists are experts in their field and coupled with our high standards, professional attitude and exemplary guest relations, these attributes have all contributed to the success and reputation of the Ozone Clinic.