All the talk on the “budding” new topic of cannabis oil

All the talk on the “budding” new topic of cannabis oil

Lately, the 3 most uttered letters on everyone’s lips are C-B-D, short for cannabidiol and is one of the many components of the cannabis plant. Tetrahydro-cannabinol (more commonly known as THC) and Hemp oil are also hot topics, but what does it all mean and why are you reading about it at every turn?

Whether you’re an athlete and looking for something to help your muscles recover, or you’re a victim of chronic pain, cannabis oil has been doing its rounds in conversation, legislation and contemplation. But what does Science say about the controversial green plant, now referred to as the sacred plant, or “healer” plant?

Research has shown that CBD oils resulted in remarkable improvements in kids that suffer from epilepsy as well as adults that suffer with pain and inflammation. As for the general population, statistics show improved sleep and reduced stressoverall. It’s tough to ignore the fact that cannabis has a wide range of medicinal benefits that are helping not only humans, but your dearly beloved pets too!

How do I take cannabis oil?

Cannabis can be found in various forms. You can find anything from bath bombs, which are excellent for sufferers of fibromyalgia, to cannabis tea that rests pain sufferers in preparation for the best night’s sleep! Bath bombs release the CBD into your bath water, thus soothing the muscles transdermally. The tea on the other hand means brewing a cannabis bud with your regular go-to English breakfast or Rooibos cuppa before you turn out the lights!

Other ways to incorporate cannabis into your system is through the use of creams. From wounds, rashes and acne to psoriasis sufferers, cannabis cream soothes and helps treat it while requiring very little application onto the affected area. The popular oil form which one takes to reduce anxiety and stress and overall aid the body’s immune system has been proven to reduce the seizures in children who suffer with epilepsy. The results are evident after a minimum of just three weeks when on cannabis oil, and it’s easily taken orally, under the tongue through a dropper.

Is it safe?

In short – YES! Mostly, there are very little to no side effects at all! How refreshing is that? For something that works to combat and alleviate so many ailments to not actually present any toxicity into your system? Pharmaceuticals have their place in the medicinal world, but more and more people are turning to nature for medicine these days and the results are astounding!

Of the individuals who have experienced any changes or effects to speak of, it was tiredness and slight diarrhea. There are a number of naysayers out there, which is never surprising, but the vast majority that have introduced cannabis oil into their lives have only benefited from it. With that said, if you’re considering using cannabis oil and have a few reservations, chat to your practitioner for peace of mind.

Is cannabis oil for you?!

From research and individual feedback on a global scale, CBD oils safely reduce anxiety, pain and inflammation, aid in addictive cravings, reduce seizures in epilepsy, treats insomnia and the list goes on! However, it is a personal decision, so whatever you decide be sure to fully understand what you’re putting into your body, after all – it’s for your health.