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At the Ozone Clinic, we believe life should be lived to the fullest.

Our health should be valued and preserved in order to accomplish this life goal. Every moment that we experience should be one we can treasure and through good health, we can experience these moments at their true potential. Though we may not physically be around forever, for the time we are, we should be able to enjoy everything life has to offer!

Through ozone therapy, our clients and patients are able to prolong vitality, maximize their health, eliminate ailments, and ultimately lead a longer and healthier life!

what is ozone

Oxygen is the single most important nutrient for the body and your health.

why is it important

Oxygen provides the fuel that runs our body. Oxygen, through a process called oxidation, chemically changes our food and liquid into energy!

who does it benefit

Everyone! Namely, Athletes, Individuals suffering from stress. Individuals whose health has been compromised and individuals with injuries. Click below to see how ozone can benefit you:

HOCATT™ treatment

The HOCATT™ Ozone Spa Capsule is the most advanced and effective device comprising 10 modalities for full body detox, anti-aging, fitness, and wellbeing in the market worldwide.


The HOCATT™ Ozone Spa Capsule is the most advanced and effective device for detox, anti-aging, fitness, and wellbeing on the market worldwide.


  • Drink 1 glass of room temp water just before your therapy
  • No heavy meals 1.5 hours before scheduled therapy
  • No medication to be taken 4 hours before scheduled therapy
  • Take 1000mg Liposomal Vitamin C 3 hours after therapy
  • Drink a glass of water every hour for the remainder of the day

what must i bring

You do not need to bring anything for your treatment, as we will supply everything you might need.